Retention Dynamics 


how we can help your business


Retention Dynamics is a unique blend of traditional and modern technologies that are designed to enable you keep more of your existing clients and create new ones. Our tools are designed to sell the most important thing you offer as a business owner, yourself! Obviously, people are more likely to buy from you if they like you. Our tools will help convert prospects into customer and to solidify the long-term relationship between you and each customer.


Our monthly client newsletter is full of useful information and not a bunch of sales material. It shows that you actually care about your clients and their families as individual human beings, rather than just your next sale.


Our customized greeting cards come in both paper and in digital form. Either way you choose, it's another way of demonstrating that you truly value this person. It makes them feel special and strengthens the bond between you. 


And our CRM brings it all together with some of the world's most advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. But this is not your competitor's CRM at all. At Retention Dynamics, we integrate automated call recording, AI-driven workflow automation, advanced reports and calculations, Google alerts and so much more. Each CRM subscription is fully customized to the individual user delivering more comprehensive results while being the world's easiest to use! All at no extra cost.