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  • Paid monthly, no contract
  • Customized to your industry and region
  • Designed to provide value to your readers
  • Content NOT focused on selling 
  • Branding your company name/ contact info
  • You can personalize first page (if you want)
  • Premium paper edition available 


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Sample Newsletters by Business Types:

  • Automotive sales
  • Repair shop
  • Accessories
  • Automotive related products distributor
Automotive sales, repair and accessory providers

Our newsletter for automotive industry related businesses does have some automotive related content each month. However, most of our newsletter content, no matter what the industry, is designed to appeal to reader's personal lives. It's clear that people are bombarded daily with way too many advertisements and most of us have developed the ability to not even see most of them. Whether it be a billboard driving down the road or endless banner ads online, traditional advertising is simply not as effective as it once was. Most industry so-called "newsletters" are nothing more than another form of advertising. Whether advertising specific products or just promoting the business that is sending the "newsletter". 


Our newsletters are dramatically different. We rarely tout your horn, unless you want to do so on the first page which, you can personalize. We seldom focus on advertising specific automotive products or services. What we do provide is content that actually impacts people's lives in a personal way. 


Our content is scientifically designed to achieve two objectives: 

  • Improving the quality of your customer's personal lives
  • Leaving your customer's with the impression that you care about them on a personal level


It's very important that people like and trust you in order to come to the decision to buy from you. You have dozens, perhaps hundreds or thousands of competitors and need to distinguish yourself from the herd. Our newsletters are designed to accomplish just that, leaving your customers with the impression that they matter to you on a personal level and not just as another sale. A regular touch by you through our newsletter is far more personal than online social media posts.


Our newsletters are the most affordable customer retention tool that you can deploy as a business owner or sales rep. Pricing is dependent upon a few key factors which we can discuss when you are ready. We have both digital and hard copy versions you can use. Most people will send a hard copy via snail mail to their "A-Clients" and email a digital copy to their other customers and prospects. 










You have the option to personalize the content on the front page each issue. If you find that you don't have time to do that, no problem, we will insert our standard professionally written messaging for that issue. Of course every issue will be branded with your company name, logo and contact information as well. Each newsletter is typically 4 pages but can be adjusted to suit your needs. Typically, the first page is yours, we do one industry related item and then the other 3-5 items are aimed to enhance the reader's personal life in same way. 


We invite you to try our newsletter risk-free and there is no long-term contract to sign. And there are no hidden costs. Click the links to the right to see some samples of different businesses within the industry. If you don't see your specific business type just drop us a line with your information and we'll create a sample specific for your application, at no charge.

Our content is scientifically designed to achieve two objectives: 

  • Improving the quality of your customer's personal lives
  • Leaving your customers with the impression that you care about them