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How to use this Calculator


Use this calculator to estimate your monthly cost for using our Live Call services. Input the number of households you want to include and number of contacts per household that we would be calling on average. 


Price guarantee


The accuracy of the total monthly cost depends on the information you use and it will give you a good idea of what you can expect your monthly cost to be.


If you have a specific budget in mind all you need do is rank your contacts from 1 to 3. Each day we will pull your call list and make the priority calls first. Then we will continue on the list until your daily budget is met.


It's your call, when we call


Keep in mind that we can do calls other than on birthdays as well. For example, it would be great to call the appropriate people on Veteran's Day and thank them for their service. Or the day before Independence Day just to wish people a Happy Fourth. 


Checkup Calls


We can also do Checkup Calls, just calling the contact to ask how they are enjoying your service. For example, a pool cleaning service can have us call all of their customers a few times a year and ask how things are going with their regular service tech. 


And of course we can make occasional calls "just to say hi" as well. It's vital that you keep letting your customers and prospective new customers that you're thinking about them so that they'll be thinking about you. 


We represent your office


Consider our staff as a more affordable extension of your office without the added expenses of hiring an additional employee. We introduce ourselves in a very friendly and professional manner at all times as if we are calling from your office. We can provide calling services in virtually any language and all of our call personnel are friendly and reside in the USA.




  • $0.70 per call - live call or voicemail
  • No Cost - record all phone calls
  • No Cost - relay any urgent information to your office
  • $5.00 per recording - if you request individual file
  • $20.00 for thumb drive of past 12 months audio files


Sample Call

Click here to listen to a recording of a live call.


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